The best apps for dog owners 

In the era of twitter, Instagram and Facebook, dog owners have never been more connected! Whether you want to share your pet selfies or find training advice at the click of a button, there are new apps arriving all the time to appeal to pet owners.

Read on for a round up of some of our favourite dog apps, as well as information on what they do and how they work.

For dog walking and sitting services…


If you’re stuck for dog sitter or simply want to connect with other dog owners, then this is the app for you! With rigorous vetting and user ratings (apparently they accept less than 20% of applications to be dog sitters listed on their site!), you can feel like your when you recruit through this dog app.

Whether you need someone to walk your dog last minute or are offering your services as a qualified sitter, this app puts safety and quality first, and that’s why we love it. It also makes communication really simple, through inbuilt features on the app, and handles all payments without you having to worry about sharing bank details or getting cash.

Beagle sleeping

A handy training tool…


Dog training apps are great for tips and motivation when you’re out and about. There are so many fantastic apps to help with dog training, and our favourites keep things simple and help out when you’re on the move. With the iClicker safely downloaded on your phone, you don’t need to worry about forgetting your training tools!

Although clickers aren’t exactly expensive, the problem is losing and forgetting these pesky items. How many times have you had to replace a clicker? Use this handy, free download to ensure that you have a clicker with you wherever you go (well, wherever you go as long as you’ve remembered your phone!)

Man on his phone walking dog

For photos and fun…


We might as well nickname this the Instagram for pets, because there’s nothing better to attract your beloved’s attention and grab that perfect pet portrait!

This camera dog app has fab features, such as noises to pique your pet’s interest. We’ve all suffered from our dogs’ short attention span (why can’t they just understand that snapping the perfect selfie takes time?!) Select a sound from the app’s bank of noises that you know will get a great reaction from your dog, and a great shot is just a click away! You can even add frames and filters to your finished image, before deciding where to post it next… #instadog #puppylove

Take a look at our article on how to take great pet portraits for more tips on getting a photo that does your dog justice.

taking a photo of a puppy

Share the love…


This app, from the Blue Cross, is part of a wider campaign to promote the fantastic work they do for abandoned cats and dogs across the country. By using this fun dog app, you’ll be supporting and promoting a brilliant charity and campaign—so what’s not to love?

You simply need to upload three short videos or photos of your pet, and answer some short questions on what they mean to you. The app then converts everything you’ve uploaded into a brilliant short video, starring your own Superstar Pet! The Blue Cross may even use your creation as part of their national campaign, advertising all our beloved pets across the country, whilst raising awareness for the animals they help, who aren’t quite so lucky. Even if your video doesn’t make the cut for their national campaign, the app makes it easy to share your creation with friends and family via other platforms.

Dog owner looking at phone

Dog training and tips…


This handy dog training app makes it easy to find experts and seek their opinion on the questions that concern your pet. While there’s so much information available about pet training and dogs on the internet these days, it can sometimes be difficult to find the answers that have been verified by experts. PetCoach is used by a roster of verified specialists and vets, who are always on hand to answer your questions; so you can be sure that the information you’re getting comes from people with real knowledge.

Browse answers from previous dog owners or ask your own specific question—PetCoach makes it easy, and gives you peace of mind.

Happy dog outside

Keep track of your dog walks…


We’ve mapped our runs; we’ve mapped our bike rides; we’ve mapped our walks…but have we ever mapped our dog walks?

Dog apps which log activity will help you keep track of the exercise that both you and your pet are getting. It’s important to ensure that your dog is getting the adequate amount of exercise needed for their breed and size every day, but sometimes, in our busy lives, in can be difficult to keep track! DogWalk makes it easy to remember by storing the details right on your phone to look up later, along with calculating statistics on the exercise your pet is getting.

The app uses GPS to record routes and distances: use it to make sure you’re varying your pet’s experience—don’t get stuck walking the same old route every day, find new paths to explore with your pet! Another fab feature of this dog app is the pee marker, which records where your dog routinely uses the toilet.

cavalier king charles out on a walk

For safety and dog tracking…


One of the most popular solutions for dog owners who are anxious about pets going missing is locator apps. Whistle is one of the most trusted, using up-to-date GPS technology to track and locate rogue pets.

dog running back to owner
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