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Welcome to our story

At BAKERS everything we do revolves around creating great tasting, nutritious dog food designed specifically to ensure your dog is healthy and happy.
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Whats in it?

No added artificial colours

There’s no added artificial flavours
or preservatives either.


A great source of carbohydrates and protein, they also give our kibbles a consistent texture, which dogs love.


We add hearty country vegetables that help support your dog’s healthy lifestyle, and taste great too.

Meaty ingredients

The meaty ingredients we use are only taken from animals inspected by vets and considered fit for humans to eat.


We don’t add sugar to our food. Some sugar occurs naturally in ingredients or is produced during the cooking process.

Why it’s good for your dog

100% complete and balanced

Our food has over 30 essential nutrients that your dog needs for a healthy, happy life.

Full of good things

Our food contains a balance of proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates to keep dogs of all shapes and sizes in good condition.

You can trust Bakers

A little history

We’ve been making animal feeds since the early 20th century, never far from our original, Domesday Book-listed, mill. We have loads of experience and a strong commitment to our UK home. So, for tasty, nutritious dog food, you can trust Bakers.

Part of Purina

We are part of the Purina family, one of the world’s leaders in pet nutrition and care.

We’re dog lovers too

Behind everything we do is a love of dogs. Lots of us are dog owners and we want them to live long, healthy lives.