Now with no added artificial colours

We’ve just made Bakers® even better. That’s because now there are no added artificial colours in our dog food. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and, since many of you asked us to do something about this, we have.

We love healthy dogs

We’ve replaced these colours with equivalents that match them closely but are non-artificial. It’s important to say that the artificial colours we used were, and remain, perfectly safe for dogs. Nothing is more important to us than your dog’s health, after all we’re dog lovers and many of us are owners too. That’s why we manufacture our food in line with strict EU guidelines which regulate and review all pet food ingredients to ensure safety. We would never use ingredients that aren’t safe, and the non-artificial colours we use now are commonly found in human foods.

Using nature’s colours

You’ll still see the word ‘colourants’ listed on a Bakers®’ packs, that’s because they’re ingredients. They come from plants and minerals that occur naturally in nature but they still need the right kind of processing to turn them into colours we can use. It’s not easy however, for example we explored using substances like carrot and beetroot as colourants. Unfortunately they affected the taste of the food and the colours faded during cooking. Our non-artificial colours are identified with an ‘E’ number. The E stands for ‘Europe’ and means the colour has passed stringent safety tests and is approved for use in the UK and across Europe.

The same great taste

Colour has always been part of the Bakers® brand, it fits with our bright, fun-loving personality - in fact it’s practically part of our DNA. Although dogs can’t see colour like we can, most owners want the food they buy to look appetising. Using colours from ingredients such as vegetables and cereals lets us indicate that our food is complete and balanced for a dog’s nutritional needs. Of course we haven’t made any changes to the taste, so we're sure feeding time will still be a source of great delight for you and your dog.

It’s the same Bakers® you always loved but with no added artificial colours now it’s even better.

If you have any questions about no added artificial colours you can visit our FAQ page at

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Friday, February 10, 2017