• We’re proud to be part of the Purina® family,

    one of the leaders in the field of pet nutrition and care for over 85 years.

    We’re proud to be part of the Purina® family,
  • PURINA employs food scientists and nutritionists who help formulate our recipes and, along with our vets, discover new ways to help pets lead healthier, happier and longer lives thanks to our investment in research and development.

  • We research pet happiness too, and our foods are the result of the latest advances in taste, digestibility and food enjoyment.

  • Whichever BAKERS® food you choose you can rest assured it contains the quality, complete and balanced nutrition needed to help keep your dog in good health.

  • This is underlined by our membership of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA), which is the principal trade body representing the UK pet food industry. The PFMA has over 70 member companies accounting for over 90% of the UK market and strives to create a balanced regulatory environment for the production of safe and nutritious food.